Change is everywhere in our lives. Also at school. In the last decade also in education change has become the only constant characteristic. Change has a double face. On the one hand it is a valuable, even necessary aspect of quality and growth. It is the core aspect of learning and thus of a learning organisation (what should be the core characteristic of any school). But on the other hand it demands continuous adaption and it implies risks and treats. Reason why change so often creates resistance. So, many people love and hate change. Thus, we are confronted with questions as: how to manage change so that it is loved by people? What’s a culture of change and how to build it? What does ‘good’ and responsible change management implies? When does change become irresponsible and counter-productive?   During the session we present a framework to understand change, a real-life story and a lot of time to exchange experiences and learn from each other. Herman Siebens AEHT Presidium

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